Nepal Outreach Program Overview


Whilst traveling in Kathmandu, Nepal, filming a documentary, we met the incredible Vimla Devi who opened our eyes to the poverty affecting countless homeless women who despite even their most extreme and desperate efforts are unable to provide the basic necessities for their children. Vimla assured us that these were hard working women, devoted mothers who just wanted to get their kids off the streets of Kathmandu. However, as displaced citizens, there being few to no resources available to help these women, hope had all but left them.

What’s missing and what’s possible when it comes to helping others help themselves?

  • A sustainable business model co-designed
  • A pilot program funded, launched and mobilized
  • Administrative and consultative support provided and utilized
  • A sustainable profitable (social enterprise) business
    • Women to be able to get off the street
    • Women able to earn a livable wage that includes:
      • Housing
      • Food
      • Clothing
      • Rudimentary healthcare
      • Education (schooling)
      • Physical, emotional and psychological safety
      • Dignity
    • Breaking the cycle of poverty for future generations

Design and Mobilization

Given our mantra of “helping others help themselves” that has come about after  being burned on numerous occasions trying to provide our solutions to developing world problems, a sustainable business model was designed and a pilot launched and mobilized.

In August 2017, Nepalese Program The Nepal Outreach Program was launched:

  • Funding was provided by the Templer Foundation to consultatively, commercially and materially launch the program (including guaranteeing one-year of funding to provide each of the women a guaranteed monthly livable wage whilst they get the program established)
  • Fifteen women started working; producing quality Nepalese wares
  • By October 2017, the first shipment of goods for sale arrived in the United Sales and is pre-sold
  • The program is on track to be fully self funding by January 2018
  • By February 2018 both production and the number of women working is expected to double
    • By February 2018, a fund will be funded with 25% of the net profit produced each month to be divided equally amongst the women
    • By February 2018, a fund will be funded with 25% of the net profit produced each month to be used for educational needs
    • By February 2018, a fund will be funded with 25% of the net profit produced each month to be used for program needs
    • By February 2018, a fund will be funded with 25% of the net profit produced each month invested to be used to fund future initiatives

The Program

  • Offers the women the opportunity to be involved in each and every aspect of the business – design, purchasing materials, creation and sales of quality Nepalese wares
  • The women source fabric from local venders in support of local businesses and as a contribution to their community – it’s used to create one of a kind hand-made quilts, clothes and other wares
  • The women work to a schedule they create, allowing them to take control of their lives and to grow in the program at a pace that works for them and their families. By utilizing the skills and strengths these women already possess they have created a work environment that requires very little training allowing them to realize almost immediate results from their participation
  • The women get to focus on growth, joy and living with dignity versus mere survival


Vimla Devi

Ambassador of the Nepal Out Reach Program

Vimla Devi was born in India and from little on entered into a rough life lived on the streets. Currently located in Kathmandu, she is the matriarch for a group of women who came over to Nepal from India and have found themselves displaced, homeless and with little resources in a foreign country. Vimla was the first to start our program and today she is living in a home, has a job through our efforts and has stepped up to be a pillar of strength and inspiration for the women in her village. With her help, we grew our program seemingly overnight from one woman to fifteen. Vimla is a bright, talented, devoted mother who given the chance will create global change for underprivileged women in third world countries.
Cash Amount Requested:  We are requesting a match for what we are putting into the program. $1500.00 dollars a month or a twelve month commitment of $18000.00 dollars


  • We would like to use  the funds to provide housing for the fifteen women in our program. Housing for each woman is $800 dollars a year, bringing the total cost to $ 11200.00 dollars
  • $3500.00 dollars would be advocate to the children of the women in our program to enroll them in school for a year. Enrollment is $50.00 dollars a year per child.
  • $1500.00 dollars would be added to our monthly donation for two months, allowing the women to buy more supplies and materials so we can expand the e-commerce for the products they are making.
  • $300.00 dollars would go towards buying medication to have on hand in the event the women or their children need it.


Vimla receiving her lease for her house with our boots on the ground philanthropist Nima Dawa Sherpa.
The talented women of the Nepal Outreach Program showing off one of the quilts they made.

Program sustainability

Impact of the project in relation to costs

The program though in its infancy has helped fifteen women and their children move from a life of poverty with little options to a life that is balanced with work available to help them sustain food and dignity.

On a larger scale seventeen children are now be raised by working moms who are able to support their children’s needs by using their skills as crafters rather than spending their days begging for food on the streets. (Expand on this impact)

Vimla, our lead woman in Nepal was homeless and struggling to feed her children. After two months, she is in a home and has committed to helping us grow the program. She has started to spread the word to other communities of women and is gathering details on what skills each woman has. She is documenting the day by day growth in the women in the village to determine how we can improve the program and how the program is changing and is affecting the mental and physical condition of these women and children.

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